Fire Damage

A fire-damaged fireplace and wall
A home damaged by fire

FIRE DAMAGE to your property is by far the most emotional type of crises that you can deal with from a loss perspective. Your personal possessions and family heirlooms are gone. You may have to move into a hotel while your property is being restored. Life as you know it will change for a while. We understand all of that and will work with you to deal with all the steps involved in putting your property back together.

Dealing with the mental stress is hard enough. You will need help with all the details of putting your property back together. You need one point-of-contact throughout the entire process – that’s where we come in. We have a large group of tradesmen partners that will each contribute their own special skills to help us restore your property as fast as possible. We manage the restoration project while you work on putting your life back in order.

Small fires are not as severe and damaging to your property, and you may live in your home while it’s being restored. They still present a lot of unneeded stress for you. We can manage the restoration of your home while working around you and your family’s needs as well.

Call us today if you have had a fire. We can help.

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