Water Damage

WATER can do a lot of damage to your property without your even knowing that it’s happening. It can flow from a variety of sources. Whether it’s a full blown flood, a burst pipe, cracks in the basement walls, a leaking dishwasher or a hole in the roof, or any other sources, the game plan is the same….Find the source, stop the water, determine the extent of the damage, develop a drying plan with the right equipment, all to prevent the water from spreading and to prevent mold from starting to grow. Stopping water damage and PREVENTING MOLD GROWTH is the #1 reason that we provide round the clock emergency service. Water spreads out very quickly and continues to damage more and more of your property as time passes. If know that you have water damage happening in your property, call us right away. Fast action is the way to prevent extensive or full replacement when water damage happens.

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Why Call Madison Property Restoration?

Water damage and mold mitigation are our specialty, we deal with it on a daily basis. We know what to do to help you protect your property from further damage. Mold can start growing in as little as 72 hours from the time a property gets wet. Fast action by a team that knows what they’re doing is the key to keeping the damage to a minimum.

Water Damage Services That We Offer

Emergency Service 24/7  –  Certified Expert Water Remediation Technicians – Water Extraction

Content Cleaning – Full Structure Drying Knowledge and Equipment – Mold Mitigation

Anti-Microbial Application – Insurance Adjuster Coordination – Full Reconstruction Services.

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Mold Mitigation

MOLD is a nasty little bugger. It’s been around since the beginning of time and it will be here long after we are all gone. In nature, mold is a good thing. It has only one purpose…”Decompose Organic Matter”, it’s nature’s way of cleaning up the planet. Mold in your home or your work place, however, is a very different matter… Mold can cause a lot of expensive damage and is the source of many medical illnesses in people and pets. Young children, elderly people or people that have illnesses are at a greater risk of being affected by mold.

Mold is usually the result of water damage or very high levels of moisture in a building. Mold thrives in moist and warm conditions and feeds quickly on things like wood and paper, or any other organic source of food.

Knowing the correct way to handle mold is important to us. The IICRC is the international authority on how to properly deal with mold mitigation. They have developed the best known mitigation practices and cleaning standards for removing mold in a set of standards known as the “S520”, we call it the “MOLD BIBLE”. We at Madison Property Restoration strictly follow the guidelines set down by the IICRC for the protection of our clients and our staff. Every Mold Mitigation project that we do is overseen by a technician that is certified by the IICRC as a Applied Microbial Restoration Technician.

If you think you have mold in your property, don’t try to clean it up by spraying some off-the-shelf cleaner or bleach on it, they don’t work and usually just spread the mold throughout your property. Mold spores are very small (2-20 microns) and can’t be seen by the human eye. Improper mold cleaning tactics can do more harm by spreading the mold throughout your entire property by getting in your HVAC system. Breathing dead mold spores has the same affect on your lungs as live mold. Call us, we know how to contain and remove the mold properly.

Call us today to schedule a mold inspection to determine a proper course of action to rid your property of mold. We offer property inspections, mold testing services and a service team that is dedicated to proper mold mitigation practices.

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RECONSTRUCTION is a large part of being a full service property restoration company. Putting you home back together is just as important to us as the mitigation work. History shows that most customers want one point of contact throughout the entire Mitigation-Restoration process, and not having to deal with a lot of contractors and the insurance company to get their lives back to normal. At Madison Property Restoration we understand that and pride ourselves on being able to provide full project management services from the day we take on a mitigation project until we finish the reconstruction. We have a full compliment of industry partners that we work with that understand the needs of our clients, as well as and in-house staff that can handle the smaller reconstruction projects. We handle the details of coordinating working with the insurance company and all the different contractors and so that you don’t have to. Although, if a client wants to handle the reconstruction themselves, we’re happy to perform the mitigation work and offer any suggestions that will help the property owner put things back together themselves.

Reconstruction Services That We Offer:

Full Project Management, Structural Framing, Insulation Replacement, Dry Walling & Texturing, Painting, Wall Paper, Carpeting, Finish Carpentry, Cabinetry, Counter Tops, Hardwood Flooring, Floor Tile, Wall Tile, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Doors, Gutter Work, Chimney Masonry Work, Concrete Work, Foundation Repairs, Landscaping, Duct Cleaning Air Quality Testing.

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Fire Damage

FIRE DAMAGE to your property is by far the most emotional type of crises that you can deal with from a loss perspective. Your personal possessions and family heirlooms are gone. You may have to move into a hotel while your property is being restored. Life as you know it will change for a while. We understand all of that and will work with you to deal with all the steps involved in putting your property back together.

Dealing with the mental stress is hard enough. You will need help with all the details of putting your property back together. You need one point-of-contact throughout the entire process – that’s where we come in. We have a large group of tradesmen partners that will each contribute their own special skills to help us restore your property as fast as possible. We manage the restoration project while you work on putting your life back in order.

Small fires are not as severe and damaging to your property, and you may live in your home while it’s being restored. They still present a lot of unneeded stress for you. We can manage the restoration of your home while working around you and your family’s needs as well.

Call us today if you have had a fire. We can help.

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Sewage Damage

SEWAGE is the most dangerous type of water damage that you encounter. Not only is your property being being physically damaged but it also presents a severe health risk as well. Sewage Water is full of microscopic dangers like bacteria, viruses, parasites and many more. Yes, mold will undoubtedly come later on, but the immediate risks are diseases like Hepatitis, Encephalitis, Leptospirosis, Tetanus and many many more. This is where you want someone with the right training to step in handle the clean up and remove the risk form your home.

WARNING! People with illnesses, young children and elderly people are at a even higher risk from sewage. KEEP THEM AWAY.

If you have a sewage problem, call us now. We can handle this correctly and return your home or workplace to a safe environment.

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Contents Packing and Cleaning

Contents Packing

When the need for moving your contents to another part of your home or to another location, rest assured that we will handle and pack your possessions with the greatest of care to be sure not to add to your loss. All of the items that are packed to be moved away from your home will be documented with pictures and the boxed labeled for easy identification.

Contents Cleaning

Water, Mold, Fire, and Sewage all affect the contents of your home or business as well as your property. Along with whatever property damage is being fixed, your furniture, clothes, area rugs and anything else that’s been affected need to be properly cleaned while your property is being put back to normal.

We offer a full line of content cleaning services, from fire/cigar/cigarette smoke smell removal and other odor removal, to disinfecting and sanitizing, along with general cleaning.

Warning! Items that are affected by sewage, black water, fire, mold or severe water damage, may not be salvageable and need to be discarded (with the client’s permission).

Warning! We do not recommend attempting to salvage or clean any children’s items that are affected by sewage or mold. The danger of contamination is too high – we advise that these items be discarded.

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Financing Program

Sometimes folks are in a real bind. Their property is severely damaged, restoration services are needed now, they are in a real crisis and need cash, but finances aren’t available or they can’t get to their money quickly enough. We have financing available through Foundation Financial, a third party lending source, for property owners in this situation. We can get approval in just a few minutes (during weekday business hours) after submitting an application via the internet. You just fill out the application on one of our tablets, and the results come back to us quickly.

Some people choose to get this financing and then figure out how to pay for the project later on, and pay off this loan. There are no prepayment penalties in this program.

At the end of the project, after you authorize the loan funds to be realized, Foundation Financial will deposit the funds directly into our account. They will send you all of the financial documents directly.

Notice: Madison Property Restoration is not the lending source, or the administrator for this program and has no influence on loan approval, loan terms, or interest rates. Madison Property Restoration cannot guarantee that anyone will be approved for a loan by a third party lending source.