Sewage Damage

A purple Bacterium
E. Coli bacterium

SEWAGE is the most dangerous type of water damage that you encounter. Not only is your property being being physically damaged but it also presents a severe health risk as well. Sewage Water is full of microscopic dangers like bacteria, viruses, parasites and many more. Yes, mold will undoubtedly come later on, but the immediate risks are diseases like Hepatitis, Encephalitis, Leptospirosis, Tetanus and many many more. This is where you want someone with the right training to step in handle the clean up and remove the risk form your home.

WARNING! People with illnesses, young children and elderly people are at a even higher risk from sewage. KEEP THEM AWAY.

If you have a sewage problem, call us now. We can handle this correctly and return your home or workplace to a safe environment.

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