Contents Packing and Cleaning

Contents being boxed up for cleaning
Before and after shot of a dirty dresser that has been cleaned
Men at work cleaning a table

Contents Packing

When the need for moving your contents to another part of your home or to another location, rest assured that we will handle and pack your possessions with the greatest of care to be sure not to add to your loss. All of the items that are packed to be moved away from your home will be documented with pictures and the boxed labeled for easy identification.

Contents Cleaning

Water, Mold, Fire, and Sewage all affect the contents of your home or business as well as your property. Along with whatever property damage is being fixed, your furniture, clothes, area rugs and anything else that’s been affected need to be properly cleaned while your property is being put back to normal.

We offer a full line of content cleaning services, from fire/cigar/cigarette smoke smell removal and other odor removal, to disinfecting and sanitizing, along with general cleaning.

Warning! Items that are affected by sewage, black water, fire, mold or severe water damage, may not be salvageable and need to be discarded (with the client’s permission).

Warning! We do not recommend attempting to salvage or clean any children’s items that are affected by sewage or mold. The danger of contamination is too high – we advise that these items be discarded.

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