Financing Program

Sometimes folks are in a real bind. Their property is severely damaged, restoration services are needed now, they are in a real crisis and need cash, but finances aren’t available or they can’t get to their money quickly enough. We have financing available through Foundation Financial, a third party lending source, for property owners in this situation. We can get approval in just a few minutes (during weekday business hours) after submitting an application via the internet. You just fill out the application on one of our tablets, and the results come back to us quickly.

Some people choose to get this financing and then figure out how to pay for the project later on, and pay off this loan. There are no prepayment penalties in this program.

At the end of the project, after you authorize the loan funds to be realized, Foundation Financial will deposit the funds directly into our account. They will send you all of the financial documents directly.

Notice: Madison Property Restoration is not the lending source, or the administrator for this program and has no influence on loan approval, loan terms, or interest rates. Madison Property Restoration cannot guarantee that anyone will be approved for a loan by a third party lending source.

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