Major Flood & Condensation Damage

Hi Randy,

I want to let you know that we were so impressed with your company’s work.  We honestly didn’t expect that our home could be salvaged first of all, but for it to turn out as good as it did is unbelievable.  No one would believe just how bad it was unless we showed them the before pictures.

We want to thank you for taking the time to explain to us what needed to be done in simple terms we were able to understand.  And, we appreciate your honesty and integrity.  When additional work and expenses weren’t necessary, you were honest and gave us the good news.

Your employee Brandon is a working machine and in spite of the heat really did a great job.  Give Brandon a pat on the back from us.

After every thing is done and we have moved in, I would like to invite everyone back to just see how beautiful this house has become after the restoration.

Thank you again,

Ralph & Susan Ray

Ralph M Ray, CRNA, BSN, APN, LTC(ret), MSA

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