Customer Testimonial Letter – Water Leak and Mold

I want to provide a letter of recommendation for Randy Schmidt and his water and mold remediation services.

I had severe water and mold damage at a million dollar plus house purchased in Middleton. We were not living at the house at the time. A broken ice maker in the bar leaked water from the main floor into the basement for several months. There was mold in the carpet, walls and under the tiles throughout the main floor, bar and the basement.

I received 3 bids for the repair and reconstruction. Randy was by far the most knowledgeable and prepared to answer all questions and discuss next steps. He was not the least expensive but I wanted to make sure I worked with someone who could get the problem resolved most efficiently and not have to worry about future problems related to the mold. 

Randy went beyond the call of duty to make sure all work was done as seamlessly as possible. To make a long story short, my wife and I were in crazy mode and we could not have been happier with Randy and his team, his communication, documentation for insurance purposes and their “I’m on it” attitude. Now for the kicker, he acted as the general contractor on all the liquor bar rebuild, tile replacement, carpeting, construction rebuild and buying and installing all new appliances including the bar fridge and ice maker. 

I am absolutely convinced I made the right choice in hiring Randy. He provides top-notch knowledge and customer service that I believe could not have been matched by any other firm.


Gary Ausman, Middleton, WI


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