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Wisconsin Realtors Association talks about MOLD

Managing the Mold To clean or to test? That is the question.  Debbi Conrad  |    October 08, 2018 With all of the recent flooding experienced in Wisconsin, one of the primary environmental concerns in the aftermath may be mold growing in the properties where floodwater intruded. Molds have existed for millions of years and grow naturally outdoors. […]

Satisfied Client – Water Damage and Rebuilding

Randy, I wanted to let you know how much Peg and I appreciate ALL the efforts you and your “TEAM” performed at our home over the past three months. It started on the morning of Saturday June 16th with your quick response to my call of water issues in my lower level as a result […]

Kind words after a sewage loss

“I hope this finds you well. Many thanks to you, Brandon, and the rest of your team for such a speedy, professional, and thorough cleanup and dry-out of our basement. We are the envy of our friends and neighbors,  who cannot believe how quickly this was resolved.” Your check is in tomorrow’s mail. Laurie S. […]

Dr. Oz talks about Mold Inspection Scammers

Read this article to learn about how not to be scammed by an uncertified Mold Inspection. The video of The Dr. Oz Show shows why it’s important to have a certified mold mitigation company look at any mold or water damage issues.    

Customer: “I could go on and on…”

Michelle Londo Holmquist I could go on and on about Randy and the Brandons (which would be a great band name, btw) but all you need to know is that you should stop looking and just call them. Randy is professional, unbelievably responsiveand available, immensely knowledgeable, and a nice guy to boot. The Brandons are efficient, friendly, […]

Major Flood & Condensation Damage

Hi Randy, I want to let you know that we were so impressed with your company’s work.  We honestly didn’t expect that our home could be salvaged first of all, but for it to turn out as good as it did is unbelievable.  No one would believe just how bad it was unless we showed […]

Testimonial – Flooded Basement

“Last week my sump pump failed, after a recent repair. I had spent a significant amount of money to restore my basement. The sump pump failed again last week, and the all familiar smell of water in the basement literally woke me up. Upon recommendation from another carpet cleaning company, I called Madison Property Management. […]

Customer Testimonial – After Hours Water Damage

This letter was written by a client that be suffered a basement flood and needed us to come after hours to clean it up and start drying her home.   “Randy (and Brandon), Thanks for coming at the last minute and working your but off tonight!  Please tell you family that I am forever grateful […]

Spring Water Damage Prevention Check List

      Basement – Test your sump pump by pouring water into it to see if the pump works and pumps the water out. – Look for cracks in the walls and floors – Clean out the window wells and put plastic covers on the window wells                […]